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The History of the Anna-Jonesboro Rotary Club

The Anna-Jonesboro Rotary Club was organized May 10, 1923. Its sponsor was the Cairo Rotary Club. The President was Harris Schulze who was the Chief Clerk for the State Hospital. The Vice-President was Dr. H. B. Shafer who was a Dentist. It was a "well rounded" singing club with much musical talent. Oliver "Trot" Alden* was the pianist. The club sponsored a Boy Scout Troop and provided leadership and guidance. It also worked with crippled children and had a booth at the Anna Fair. The membership grew to over sixty members.

The came the "dark days of the depression", political disseution, death of key members, and "work horses" departed. The charter was dropped June 6, 1934.

*Rotarian Alden was of Mayflower ancestry.

Bibliography - "100 Years of Progress, City of Anna, Illinois" Club #1 termination date from phone call to Rotary International Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois.

Anna-Jonesboro Rotary Club #2 arose from the ashes. It was chartered in 1946. It was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Herrin, Illinois sparked by George Critchton and his committee. The President was Dr. James F. Wahl who was an Optometrist. The Vice-President was H. Clay Reppert. Again this was a singing club with Byron "Boon Coon" as the pianist.

Some of the Clubs service projects and activities 1946 - present
--Active in the construction of the city pool - 1951
--Helped in the building of the go-cart track in the city park
--Soley responsible for construction of the children's playground in the Anna City Park - 1970's
--Construction of a soft drink stand at the Anna City Park
--One of the key organizers and supporters of the national calling and squalling contest
--Rotary Club trip to Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada Rotary Club and their visit to the Anna-Jonesboro Rotary Club
--Annual Fall Colors Tours with Wayman Presley
--Tours of Bunny Bread Bakery, courtesy of R. Jack Lewis

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